Big League Dreams is the premier developer and operator of recreational sports facilities in the country. We work with cities and counties to help them bring world-class recreational facilities to their communities at little or no cost to the taxpayer through a public/private partnership.

Our Sports Parks bring many benefits to the regions in which they operate. BLD brings a top-quality playing experience for local families, through our world-class facilities in a variety of sports. Big League Dreams Sports Parks offer baseball, softball, indoor soccer, in-line hockey, basketball, cheer and dance competitions, as well as group business special events. We are best known for our fields that are designed and built as replicas of famous major league stadiums. Youth and adults can play on a replica of Chicago’s Wrigley Field or New York’s Yankee Stadium (and others) or even hit one off the “Green Monster” in a replica of Boston’s Fenway Park!

Huge economic benefits are created through our multi-use facilities that are booked almost every day of the year. Tournaments are hosted every weekend, helping to fill area hotels and generate large amounts of TOT tax and business for nearby restaurants and retail. For example, our Sports Park in Manteca, CA averages over 350,000 visitors each year (over 35,000 from out-of-town) generating an estimated $17 million economic benefit to the city. Our public partners also participate in regional and national sponsorship and naming rights aggregated with our nine facilities in California, Nevada and Texas.

The advantages of bringing a Big League Dreams Sports Park to a city or county with recreational needs are plentiful facility needs are many. Our public partners incur no costs once the park is constructed, which saves them more than $1,000,000 each year in maintenance and operating costs. Additionally, our public partners receive revenue sharing each year; taking both operating cost savings and revenue sharing into consideration, our public partners are realizing more than $1,500,000 EACH YEAR in direct financial benefits along with hotel TOT, sales tax revenue, job creation and economic development – all while serving more of their families with first class recreation facilities. This partnership truly creates a win-win environment for the city and the community.